January 15, 2010

Malayalam Christian Songs - Nanma Mathrame | Kester


Nanma Maathrame Nanma Maathrame
Nanma Allathonnume Nee Cheykeyilla
Endhu Bhavichennalum, Endhu Sahichennalum
Ellam Yeshuve Nanmakayittallo

                Nee Mathrame Nee Mathrame
                Nee Mathrame En Aathma Sakhi
                Ende Yeshuve Ende Jeevane
                Ende Aashaye Nee Onnu Mathrame

Ninne Snehikkum Ninde Daasanum
Nanma Allathonnume Nee Cheythidumo
Enne Per Cholli Vilicheeduvan
Krupa Thoni Ennathinal Njan Bhagyavan

Parishodhanakal Manovedanakal
Bhayam Ethum Vidham Ennil Vannidumbol
Paripolum Kuravilla Snehamennil
Chorinjidum Nathan Pokkum Vazhiyum Tharum

Dosham Mathrame Yee Lokam Tharum
Doshamayittonum Priyan Cheykayilla
Ende Yeshuve Ende Pranane
Nanma Cheyvan Enkkumni Krupa Nalkuke

Ende Shodhanakal Ende Vedanakal
Ende Sangadangal Ellam Neegidume
Ende Kaandhane Ende Naadhane
En Manalane Vegam Vannidane

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